The Ultimate Boot CD


The Ultimate Boot CD is a great tool if you want to run floppy-based diagnostic tools but don’t want to wait for the slow loading speed of the floppy drive. This CD contains many of the best diagnostic tools on one bootable CD.

The Ultimate Boot CD boots up to a menu were you can decide what kind of tool you need. The following is a list of the categories of tools contained on the CD. The selected tool actually boots off a virtual floppy disk created in memory.

Hard Disk Installation
Hard Disk Diagnosis
Hard Disk Device Management
Hard Disk Wiping
Hard Disk Cloning
Hard Disk Sector Editor
Partition Tools
Boot Managers
File Managers
NTFS Tools
System Burn-In Test
CPU Test
Memory Test
Peripherals Test
CPU Information
System Information
Benchmark Applications
BIOS Utilities
DOS Boot Disks
Antivirus Tools
Network Tools
Disk Image Tools

Most of these tools are freeware; some are limited use shareware or commercial software.

[Via Flagged Items]


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