News about MSN Desktop Search and Non-Admin wikis

Time for a couple of wiki news items that I’ve been saving up for a while.

In a “one small step†moment, I believe that the MSN Desktop Search wiki on Channel 9 is the first wiki to ever be referenced in a Microsoft help file. As you can imagine, this was quite a culture change — kudos to everyone involved in making it happen! Oh, and if you look carefully in the IFilter documentation on that site you might find a reference to future features that the MSN Desktop Search team let slip. Just a hint 🙂

And now that MSN Spaces is out of beta (with 4.5 million users already), I’m wondering how long their MSN Spaces Feedback wiki can stay as a single page. I keep getting the urge to dive in there and refactor it into several smaller pages, but so far I’ve resisted. Also, I confess that I’m curious — how long until someone else does the same thing?

Lastly, the running as non-admin wiki has been getting some nice press, both from mainstream outlets (including David Coursey at eWeek and Rob Pegoraro at the Washington Post) and from my fellow bloggers (Aali, Eric, and Dirk). Thanks guys!

Update: I almost forgot — the non-admin wiki now has an RSS feed, as all good wikis should. Keep track of updates from the comfort of your aggregator.

[Via Flagged Items]


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