Exchange Disabled Users

I was asked a question the other day, and I thought I would share it and the answer with you

When disabling a user account, mailbox access from other outlook clients with permissions is obviously ‘revoked’, does this also take 3 hours?  I ask this because when I disabled a user accound today I still had access to the mailbox for probably around 3 hours after.. I have never noticed this before!?  Do you have any more information regarding this as I cannot find any on MS website, can this time period be changed at all?

These KB’s help address the issue:

326252 XADM: Exchange 2000 Mailbox Size Limits Are Not Enforced in a Reasonable <>
327378 Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 mailbox size limits are not enforced in <>

The reason is that the Mailbox Cache Age Limit is set to two hours by default, so for any new restrictions on a mailbox you have to wait until the cache has expired


[Via Flagged Items]


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